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Each year, the Batemans Bay Soldiers Club give around quarter of a million dollars to community groups, charities and sports organisations. We take pride in returning profits to the community in the form of group sponsorships and support.


The club also sponsors (together with the Batemans Bay Rotary Club and the RSL Sub-Branch) the Batemans Bay Youth Foundation which provides financial support to outstanding youth and their achievements in the community.

Club grants

ClubGRANTS are an exciting way for The Batemans Bay Soldiers Club to give back to the district and to the people who live, work and play in the area. These grants are available on application to community groups and individuals for community based projects.


your sub-clubs

We support many Internal well organised

Sub-Clubs that provide enjoyment, fun and a social outlet for Members and their guests:

  • Batemans Bay Soldiers Pipe Band

  • Batemans Bay Soldiers Fishing Club

  • Batemans Bay Soldiers Indoor Bowls

  • Batemans Bay Soldiers Club Darts

  • Euchre Club


The Club is also the forum for many Community Groups including:

  • Legacy

  • Combined Pensioners & Superannuates Association

  • Senior Citizens Association

  • Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol

  • Probus

  • Batemans Bay Masonic Daylight Lodge



Responsible Gambling

The Batemans Bay Soldiers Club supports the principles of responsible gaming. We care about our patrons and their families. We have a house policy which encourages responsible gaming.

We provide information on problem gambling. We DO NOT provide credit for gambling purposes. We DO NOT allow minors in restricted areas. We DO NOT promote irresponsible gambling practices.

Is gambling a problem for you?

·        Are you in control of your gambling?

·        Do you gamble more than you can afford?

·        Do you borrow money to gamble?

·        Do you gamble to win back losses?

·        Does gambling affect your family and friends?

For information, counselling and referrals call G-line (NSW) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Free call 1800 633 635. Confidential, anonymous and free. Or go to their website:

Batemans bay soldiers club rsl responsible gambling program points specials membership bonuses
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